Track SLOs to keep your customers happy

Define service expectations and understand the user experience of your product offerings. Make the most of your monitoring data with service level objectives.
Data Sources
Incident Management

Keep track of all your reliability goals in one place

With detech's comprehensive SLO Workbench you can easily keep track and analyze the reliability goals you have established for the performance of your services and experience of your user journeys.
Capture how well your systems are behaving in real-time according to your Critical User Journeys.

Prioritize between new features vs technical debt

Identify precisely where to expend your energy to achieve the biggest return for the business. Understand where to allocate your engineering efforts by prioritizing what is impacting your customers the most.
Make data backed decisions regarding when to focus on developing new features or work on the reliability of your product.

Easily create SLOs in a few clicks

Easily create Service Level Objectives with our guided SLO Wizard. Leverage our SLI templates to automatically tell you the SLIs you can create with the metrics you are collecting. Preview your SLOs before creating them.
Provide a clear customer, or business context to your SLOs by mapping them to a single service or a distinct user journey.