Mitigate alert fatigue and focus on what matters

Make sure customer experience is at the center of your concerns. Focus on the alerts that are actually impacting your customers and reduce alert fatigue.
Data Sources
Incident Management

Accurately capture user-visible issues with SLO driven alerting

Assign's out of the box alerting policies to your SLOs and make sure to be notified every time your users are being impacted.
Focus on significant incidents and and reduce the noise you have with traditional alerting frameworks.

Understand the impact of misbehaving services

Correlate alerts to their impact on your desired business outcomes. Know what issues to prioritise based on their impact on your customers.
Receive actionable alerts with the business and customer impact so that you can prioritize and focus only on the issues that matter before they become a major problem.

Capture issues that are slowly depleting your error budget

Gain visibility into persistent, low visibility errors that are slowly impacting your customers. Funnel your alerts to Jira so that you can plan ahead and coordinate with your team how and when to tackle these non-immediate issues.