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Who We Are provides a SaaS for Site Reliability Engineering (SRE).

Our platform allows software teams to easily implement Service Level Objectives (SLOs) in minutes to deliver reliability intelligence to engineering leaders and help them deliver more reliable, resilient, and responsive services that meet or exceed user expectations.

We are building the platform that will democratize SRE to companies of all sizes, and we have top notch investor who are supporting us in making this vision a reality, like TechstarsNYC, TheVentureCity, Shilling Capital Partners, Google's SRE Director, Scaleway’s VP of Marketing, among other notable angels.

We are currently expanding our team to accelerate product development and to lay the foundations to become recognized as the leaders of Site Reliability Engineering worldwide.

Join our team and help us make this vision a reality, while creating an incredible workplace where everyone will love to be.

Elevator pitch

We created with the goal of helping companies deliver and maintain reliable software, without all the challenges that come from the complexity of today's IT environments.

More and more companies are starting to adopt SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) practices to address these issues, but are struggling to do so due to the amount of complex tasks that need to be done with scarce qualified resources.

This is why we have productized the practices from companies like Google, Netflix and Pinterest, into the most comprehensive SRE platform, to help companies that don't have million dollar budgets streamline these processes, such as observability, monitoring, on-call alerting and incident management.

With our product companies will be able to keep innovating and delivering features fast (as they should be doing) without sacrificing reliability and performance.

Our History was created by our founder, José Velez, in 2020 after he spent one year working on his master's thesis on the topic of "Monitoring IT Operations with real-time incident & anomaly detection in an AIOps production environment" in a partnership between IST and EDP. The company was officially incorporated in the USA and in Portugal in 2021.

We are a Portuguese start-up aiming at removing the complexity of IT to allow companies to innovate and deliver incredible products to their users. We are currently targeting the US market, and we operate Portugal. Soon we are also going to operate from the USA.

We are well positioned to pursue this opportunity, after raising $400k from top notch investors, such as Techstars NYC, Shilling and TheVentureCity, and having a lot of interest of top tier VCs in the US to participate our next funding round, due to the market opportunity and the fact that several companies already demonstrated a huge interest in our product.

Despite taking off amidst the pandemic, we have been able to create a highly inclusive and productive culture, which makes it amazing to work with us, and this is the backbone of our fast progress and growth.

Our Vision

Nowadays user expectations are higher than ever. If someone is trying to order something online, and it either fails, or the experience is slow or something goes wrong, customer quickly switch to a competitor, which not only makes companies lose a lot of money, but it also damages their brand's reputation. This means that reliability and application performance has become a #1 priority for most businesses.

However IT is more complex than ever, which means there are a lot of challenges that come with maintaining software reliability.
We believe in a world where IT is so reliable and trustworthy that companies can allow their people to focus on their human skills and achieve work-life balance!
We want companies to focus on delivering value to their customers, not on putting out fires, and dealing with the immense challenges that come with managing these complex systems.

To achieve this, we will continue to build tools to help engineering teams automate IT Operations.

Our Mission

We believe in a world where IT is so reliable and trustworthy that companies can allow their people to focus on their human skills and achieve work-life balance!
Our goal is to be the most user-friendly (and only) SRE platform companies need. We help engineers define and monitor Service Level Objectives, alert on-call engineers with the actual customer impact so that they can prioritise them and then we help them manage incidents, the SRE way.

We empower organizations to quickly and easily adopt Site Reliability Engineering practices to improve their incident resolution metrics and ultimately, the reliability of their systems.

Looking to be part of our growth story?

Our Values

icon representing we move fast and with focus

We move fast and with focus

We focus on one thing at a time and we do it fast and well. To do this, we only make decisions that are backed with data, to make sure we are on the right path. We always try to find the simplest and most effective way to achieve the end result. IT is already complex enough!
icon representing we passionate about what we do

We are passionate about what we do

We love the work we do, we are hungry about learning and that gives us the energy to excel. Everybody is the leader of their work, and has full ownership to ensure that things get done successfully.
icon representing we always go above and beyond

We always go above and beyond

We always strive to do more than what's asked of us. We don't settle for good enough, we always try to find a better way to do things.
icon representing we work as a team to grow and succeed

We work as a team to grow and succeed

We are not a collective of individual players. We always try to involve others in our work to enrich what we are doing, and offer our help and expertise to enable our team mates to grow and succeed.
icon representing we always focus on outcomes to our users, not on output

We always focus on outcomes to our users, not on output

Dedicate your time in things that are going to make impact and solve problems of our users. We always prioritize our activities to make sure we focus on what really matters.
icon representing we value and respect everyone

We value and respect everyone

We love to work with humble and egoless people from different backgrounds, genders, ethnicities and geographies and that makes us stronger.

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