Why I joined detech.ai — Pedro Vidigal

Pedro Vidigal
March 8, 2022
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Why I joined detech.ai — Pedro Vidigal

Today’s organizations are under huge pressure to accelerate their digital transformations. As a consequence, IT ecosystems are undergoing constant and fast transformation. 

From on-premise bare-metal systems, to virtualized infrastructures followed by a migration to the cloud, which has since been succeeded by the trend towards multi-cloud environments.

This very dynamic and complex IT environments has made it particularly difficult and time-consuming to monitor and correlate the impact that those complex systems have on user experience. 

Having worked several years for multinational companies wearing several hats — DBA, and management roles, leading development and designing software — it has allowed me to have a privileged view on these changes and challenges.

In early 2020 José Velez reached out asking me if I would be his Advisor and Business Mentor in a startup he was creating. It was an obvious yes for it made total sense. 

His goal was to bring to market a solution that would help any company to follow the steps of leaders like Google, Netflix or Apple, irrespective of their size.

detech.ai enables companies to leverage the Service Level Objective (SLO) approach, pioneered by companies such as Google and Netflix, to quantify customers’ expectations of reliability. The platform José envisioned and created, is currently allowing companies to meet their  reliability goals by allowing them to:

  • Create SLOs by which they can clearly measure and improve as an organization using a data driven approach.
  • Reduce on-call pager fatigue that can lead to big cost savings as ignored alerts can lead to unhappy customers. As importantly, it reduces the engineering team’s stress, avoiding one of the leading causes for churn in engineering organizations — burnout.
  • Error budget policies create a real and fast feedback loop from the end-user, allowing software teams to make better decisions.
  • SLOs allow teams to manage risk better, empowering them to make better decisions, and creates more freedom to increase release velocity as long as they are under the error budget.
  • SLOs provide Executive teams better reliability, while decreasing total cost of ownership as well as increased delivery speed that accelerates their strategic visions.

A talented team, supported by an inspiring group of experts and investors, is on a mission to democratize the best Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) practices to help companies of any size achieve an optimal level of service and to deliver premium user experiences to their customers.

For all of the above, I have decided to join detech.ai as the Chief Technology Officer.

Our Open Beta is about to start and that means we’ve made 20 more slots available for organizations wanting to take our platform for a spin. If you’re looking to improve reliability intelligence at your company, please request access on our website or ping me directly. 

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